Training & Technology for Your ISO

  • Branded ISO Solutions

    There are two reasons ISOs fail. They don't provide a structured training program for new reps and reps feel overwhelmed in the field / on the phone and quit. Give your reps the training they need and a quote tool that simplifies the sales process. We brand our entire solution and host it on your own domain.

  • Train New Recruits

    Use your admin dashboard to assign specific courses to specific users. Give your new recruits the training they need.

  • More Deal Submissions

    Every ISO wants more deal submissions. Ask your top reps what is holding them back. They will all say the same thing, “Collecting Statements.” Our tool and algorithm allows them to prospect without this barrier.

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What Our Users Are Saying

I returned to merchant processing after 3 years in corporate equipment sales. I found James Shepherd on the web and installed the IQ Tool onto my phone. Shawn with IQ support helped me with the setup. I was starting over and scared again.

On the 7th cold call of the first day a restaurant owner said he was already getting a quote for his 3 restaurants from another vendor. I asked him to answer a few questions and input his information into my phone. I showed him the savings on my phone. He gave me a second appointment, and I closed the order. The IQ Tool was easy to use and a definite time saver.

Joel S.

I have found the IQ Tool to be most helpful when prospects say they don’t have time to see me. After a couple of attempts at handling that objection, I ask the prospect what if I could email them a proposal, giving them the chance to see in black and white the benefit of meeting with me.

This approach (using seems to build trust, and the prospect knows that I respect their time. Then want to work with me.

Mike W.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful the Instant Quote Tool has been for me in the sales field. I took advantage of the free 30 day trial. After spending a few days getting familiar with it, I started using it to get proposals to potential clients quicker.

Within 9 days I signed up a janitor supply company averaging $75,000.00 per month. Then I tried the brand new version of IQT. I tried this version and WOW. I feel like I was given a 2005 BMW to drive for a couple of weeks, then given a 2018 GT3 RS Porsche to drive. It is a much better layout, easier to use and has really helped me streamline my sales process.

Steve R.